Blindtex: Your Ticket To Financial Freedom
Your Success Is Our Success

  • Do you currently have the lifestyle you desire?
  • Have you attained the financial freedom you’re aiming for?
  • Does your work-life currently consume your time with family?
  • Are you unhappy with your current employment?


Take control of your own destiny and earn what you deserve by being part of the Blindtex team. You’ll gain immediate access to a wide range of tools at your fingertips, with a franchise manager to look after your setup and training, a sales assistant who will process all of your orders online and arrange shipping with a smooth ordering system both front and back of house. You’ll also benefit from an IT team dedicated to your website, graphic designers, SEO specialists and marketeers to push those initial appointments. Additionally you’ll receive unbeatable product quality, unique designs and product offerings using high tech machinery to offer accuracy and a clean cut every time

We strive to bring a personal touch to our franchisees, by taking the time to get to know you, and tailoring our business model to suit your requirements. We know the importance of initial training, and so we offer consistent support throughout the first few weeks and ongoing support and encouragement throughout. This personal touch creates trust between the customer and us; those who trust the Blindtex name will receive a quality product, service and aftercare.

We provide you with a simplified ordering system, with all your products being provided by Blindtex. This removes the need to deal with third parties leaving you free to focus on your customers. We believe in end-to-end control of our product and distribution, and as you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer you’ll find that we’re always ready to listen to your feedback, constantly innovating to ensure our product is the best available and giving you accurate delivery and manufacturing times.

As we’ve said before, your success is our success, which is why we will continue to re-invest 5% of your product purchase spend directly back into your business’ Social, On-line & Digital Marketing campaigns, even after your initial campaign has finished. If you would like to increase that investment simply let us know and we’ll take care of that for you too!

Get ahead of the competition and give your customers peace of mind by providing them with a Lifetime Guarantee on all Signature products! This is something which no other company will provide and will help you to gain the order without eroding your profit!

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